The home church concept provides a simple and wonderful alternative to attending traditional church. The churches in the New Testament were home churches. Throughout the centuries, many people have met in homes. There are millions of people having church in homes today, but you rarely hear of them because they are not advertised or high profile.

There are many reasons to have church in homes. Here are a few of the primary reasons:

1. Home church is Biblical.

2. The essence of Christianity is easily accomplished in simple and uncomplicated settings.

3. Group participation with all people functioning should be the primary dynamic of any church meeting (1 Cor. Chapter 14), This is the backbone of the home church setting.

4. Connecting with others and developing meaningful relationships is easily accomplished in a home church atmosphere.

5. "Being the church" and sharing life together in community with others, instead of just attending a meeting, is the desire and purpose of most people who home church.

The challenge to people who want to participate in home church is to be able to "undo" what they've been taught church is really all about.

Prayer, worship, reading scripture, outreach, encouraging one another, and sharing life together in real and meaningful ways are all part of the home church experience.

House Church – A Way to Reach a New Generation?
Are we saying that a house church is the only legitimate way to “do” church? No, but house churches are a biblical model and are “real” churches with a number of advantages. Just as there are many different flavors of ice cream, so churches come in many different flavors. While the house church may not appeal to everyone, they may be a wonderful alternative to reach and disciple new generations who are not familiar with or may be uncomfortable in a traditional church setting.



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