A. W. Tozer once wrote:

"How good it would be if we could learn that God is easy to live with. He remembers our frame and knows that we are dust...He is not sensitive nor selfish nor temperamental. What He is today we shall find Him tomorrow and the next day and the next year. He is not hard to please, though He may be hard to satisfy. He expects of us only what He has Himself first supplied. He is quick to mark every simple effort to please Him, and just as quick to overlook imperfections when He knows we meant to do His will. He loves us for ourselves and values our love more than galaxies of newly created worlds.

In other words, God is not hard to get along with, and in fact, is really someone you can relax with. And the Bible teaches that God's people should be the same way. Unfortunately this is not always the case; we all know folks who claim to be Christians but are harsh and demanding and difficult to get along with.

In our fellowship, we value people being real with each other and with God. No one should have to "put on a mask" to be accepted. We want folks to come as they are and be themselves. This means that if you can connect with God more easily in your blue jeans then slap on your Levis. If a suit and tie helps you focus and prepare for worship then wear that. Our focus is not on who wears what but whether people are connecting–with God and each other. The truth is, we are all broken people banded together by a common desire to draw close to God and live out His purpose for our lives.

Since church is "us" rather than a building or a place we meet, we believe that "us" getting together should be enjoyable and that worship should be a time that people look forward to every week and a place that you can't wait to get back to.

In our fellowship you'll find people ready to meet you, listen to you, accept you and love you for who you are. We're just a group of ordinary working folks who know that acting religious isn't what God wants from us. This is one church where you can relax and be yourself. It really is a place for you!


We "do church" with a Relaxed Attitude

















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