Weekly Meeting Update for Aug 9, 2020
























Last updated Aug 7, 2020
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Our meeting this coming Sunday, Aug 9 will be at  at the home of Doug & Jody Martin, 44 E 200 N, Wabash IN 46992 (click here for directions)10 am.Call 260-445 3420 for questions. As a "home church" we meet in several different homes throughout the month. Our next meeting place will always be posted here. We try to begin around 10 am, although our emphasis is on relating to one another rather than focusing on the clock.

.Serious Bible study begins with the conviction that it is God’s Word. While many different people took part in the process, behind every word is the voice of God speaking. What’s more, the Bible is not just the written record of what God said long ago, but the means by which God still speaks to us today. It is a living Word that can strengthen our faith and direct us on our path. This is why Bible study is so important.























The "Great Day of the Lords Wrath "